Thursday, January 21, 2016


So we didn't get the farm house. Not only did we not get the farm house, we didn't get the second house we put an offer on either.
It is an interesting time in the life of our little family. Red Beard is struggling almost daily at work, while trying to decide when to go back to school (plus he is starting a new ministry at church in a matter of weeks).

All of this post traumatic tooth surgery (me), car breakdown (Little Man and me), bone bruise (Red Beard, from falling down the stairs), infections (Little Man(x1) and me(x2)), etc.

Needless to say-- we have had a fair share of disappointment and unplanned zaniness lately.

God is still good, though. We still witness his faithfulness daily.

Little Man is growing and healthy. We have money to pay our bills. I was even able to sneak in a 15 minute work out the other day, which is almost unheard of these days.
Making breakfast with a little help!
I don't know why we were not meant to have either house or why life has been difficult in so many areas. I don't know why we were given a vision for a new home and then told to wait. Tuesday's Utmost post really spoke to that very issue. (If you get the chance, read it).

God has a purpose for it, I am certain.

Meanwhile we are still here, in our tiny apartment. Watching and waiting and praying.

And planning to build a pirate table for Little Man. (Oh yeah!)

2016 is off to a crazy start at the Shore. How is yours?

--Mrs. D.