Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ensemble de Jouets

Here is my attempt to at least collect Kitty's toys in one place. Yes, she spreads them far and wide on a regular basis, endeavoring to claim a much larger area of real estate within our apartment. As I find them throughout each day, though, I place them back in her basket.

  • Her favorite toy is her glove. (In the picture, it is the indecipherable mass directly beneath the yellow mouse and yellow ball.) When Kitty was a few months old, my fuzzy winter gloves "turned into hers" because she kept stealing them to sleep with them. It was so cute, I could not bear to take them away. Eventually with her gloves, we also figured out that she loves to play "fetch." We would wake up at 3 a.m. with kitty paws expectantly tapping our faces, while her glove laid in wait on one of our pillows.
  • And no, the balled-up Peanut Butter M&M wrapper is not a piece of trash. Kitty loves to chase these more than any other balled-up candy wrapper or paper ball. She can hardly wait for you to finish eating the M&M's before striking the wrapper out of your hand. And you better be a good shot when you throw it. For, if you make a bad throw, you shall suffer the consequences of a highly disappointed feline. Namely, she will expect you to retrieve the thrown object from its offensive location in order for you to redeem your bad throw. 
By the way: If you are looking for a good read about a cat (and not a cat story that seems to have been penned in the flowery language of Glinda the Good Witch), try Cleveland Amory's The Cat Who Came for Christmas. (You can find a used copy here.) Amory's style and wit are delightful. And don't let the title fool you--it isn't strictly a Christmas book.