Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Great Greeks and History Geeks Unite!

As I press on in my quest to get through Sir Robert Anderson's The Coming Prince with understanding, I find myself taking a temporary detour to explore the accomplishments of one very famous Greek: Alexander the Great.

In chapter four of his book, Anderson expounds upon Daniel's vision from Daniel chapter eight--the part about the he-goat smiting the ram with uneven horns (vv. 2-8). The taller horn in this vision is prophetic of Alexander the Great.

So naturally, since I wanted clarity on the likenesses between that horn and Alexander, I borrowed a library book on the King of Macedonia, called Alexander and written by Theodore Ayrault Dodge.

Dodge was a Lieutenant Colonel for the North during the American Civil War and, thus far, has proven himself to have been a very thorough and knowledgeable writer. During my very first reading of Dodge's book, I found some fascinating parallels between the art of war and the spiritual battles we face as Christians.

I encourage you to let the following excerpts seep in a little as you read over them and compare them with the spiritual battles in your own life. For further pondering, I've included some of the verses Dodge's words brought to mind.

1. "It is the head and heart of the leader which always have furnished and always must furnish the strategic values of every campaign." (p. 3)  
      >>Check out 1 Cor. 11:3, Mt. 22:36-39, and 1 Jn. 5:3.

2. "Incessant action is not of necessity unceasing motion; it is motion in the right direction at the right moment." (p. 4)
      >>Check out Gal. 6:9 and Ps. 27:14; also Hab. 2:3.

3. In ancient battle, "often the strong, relying on their strength, showed the least ability; the weak, conscious of their weakness, the most." (p. 5)
      >>Check out 2 Cor. 12:9-10.

4. "'Read,' says Napoleon, 're-read the history of their campaigns, make them your model; this is the sole means of becoming a great captain and of guessing the secret of the art [of war].'" (p. 9)
      >>Apply this notion to reading your Bible.

Today has included a lot of spring cleaning and bread baking for me. In fact, I baked a new bread for dinner: South African Seed Bread. I can't wait to try it alongside the African Sweet Potato & Peanut Soup I've been hoarding in the freezer since December.

I hope you're enjoying warmer weather!
        --Mrs. D.