Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hart & Hind

I spent much of this week's spare time putting up deer meat: hind quarters from one of my parents' neighbors. My dad grilled the meat on Sunday afternoon; that night, he chopped it up before I whirred it up in my parents' magical Ninja. He split the meat 50-50 with me, which was very generous.

With my cooked and minced venison, I have made 8 super-thick burgers, 1 mini meatloaf, and 2 dozen meatballs-- all for the freezer.
The world's most helpful kitchen cat.
I also got all Martha--Martha Washington, not Martha Stewart--and baked a breakfast pudding with some of the meat.
Being up to my elbows in deer meat has reminded me of one Biblical picture of the God-man relationship: Christ as the hart (see Sos 2:9), Christians as the hind (see 2 Sam. 22:33-34).

In case you didn't know, a hart is a male deer and a hind is a female deer. While guys may find this picture a bit odd ("You mean we're girls?"), it is worth pointing out that Christians are collectively considered the Bride of Christ.

One of the things this comparison makes me think about is how the hart fights for his hind. In nature, you typically see several hinds and only one hart. Often, another male deer will come along and try to take one of the hinds, but the hart fights with all of his might, with crashing antlers, charging full steam ahead, to keep his hind for himself.

God is jealous over us like that, too. Satan will come along and try to single us out of the herd, scheming to take us away from the Hart's protection.

But the Hart fights for His Bride, my friend.

In fact, the Hart DIED for all of mankind so we could be a part of His herd; so that we could be His hind, His Bride.

Are you in God's herd? Do you know on a deep, personal level this Sacrificial Love and Jealousy that I'm referencing?

As we celebrate Christ's resurrection this coming Sunday, I pray that you would consider your relationship to the Hart--whether or not you belong to His herd and whether or not you're letting something or someone lure you away from it.

Love ya,
--Mrs. D.

P.S. One classic allegory relating to this that's def. worth reading is Hinds' Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard.