Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kitty & The Move

Emerging from her carrier, Kitty cautiously took her first steps, trembling slightly, investigating the new apartment. She looked around, attempting to make sense of her surroundings.

It probably felt like Lewis Carroll was narrating her life: All the right stuff was there, it was just queer and out of place. I mean, from her perspective, even the windows had been moved!

That night, Kitty wouldn't leave our bed. She walked the perimeter of our bed and, with her paw, tapped Red Beard on the forehead whenever she heard a strange noise. At one point, she started licking his forehead. She also periodically knocked stuff off of our nightstands to get our attention. I don't think she laid down one time.

The next day, Kitty was determined not to be in a different room from her parents.

And that determination lasted the entire next week:

  • I would sit down for a minute to check email (or just to rest my feet), and Kitty would leap into my lap, immediately curling up to take a nap. 

  • I would walk from the living room to the bathroom, and she would trot right alongside me.
  • Red Beard would sit down to complete homework, and Kitty would sit on the stool beside him.
  • She wouldn't even eat without one of us standing there, beside her and her food dish.
She has relaxed a little bit now, but I share Kitty's story with you because I think it is a great illustration for our spiritual lives.

Remember recently when I talked about the fact that God likes us being outside of our comfort zones?

Well, Kitty has certainly been out of hers. And what was her response? Cling to her parents!!

When you or I are faced with changes or challenges in spiritual matters, we need to cling to our Heavenly Father. We need to find our rest and our comfort in Him. 

In fact, we should always be clinging to Him. In good times, in bad times, in seasons of change (and if your life is anything like mine, things are always changing!), the best thing we can do is cling to the Father.

He knows what you're going through and where your circumstances are headed. He is not interested in your comfort, He is interested in your spiritual growth. And no matter what you're going through...
"Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ." -Phil. 1:6
If you seek true comfort or rest, cling to the Father. ~ Mrs. D.

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