Saturday, November 29, 2014

The 12 Dates of Christmas

I originally thought the title of this post sounded like the title for a Hallmark movie. With a quick google search, I discovered that it is the title of a movie, only it's produced by ABC Family.

Rest assured, this post has nothing to do with Mark Paul Gosselaar (no matter how much I may have loved Saved By the Bell as a pre-teen) or with any sort of re-living our days, sort of Ground-Hog Day type of plot.

I just wanted to share with you what Red Beard and I will be up to this Christmas.

The Low-Down: Since I'm into my second trimester, and Lord-willing this is the last Christmas before Red Beard and I have a kid, we decided to make this season extra fun for the two of us. Usually we are both swamped with work, but this year I am taking full advantage of my homemaker status by planning 12 dates for us during the Christmas season.

As you probably know from last year's post (Do You Have a "Third World Romance?"), Red Beard and I don't really have that much money for traditional American dating. (Read: "Restaurant and movie theater visits are rare.")

These 12 dates will be no different; they will surround activities that are either free, cheap, or are already in the budget (like getting a Christmas tree).

I can't tell you all of them right off because several of them are a surprise to Red Beard (per his request). Don't worry: He knows about the Christmas tree one already. ;)

Anyway, the goal in all this is to have fun together--whether serving or or shopping or eating or just hanging out. Some years it seems like the entire Christmas season just slips by because we can barely keep our heads above the water.

Last year I set up games and books and they were never even touched...

I think Christmas should be more relaxing than that. And hopefully, this year it will be.

Make some time for your loved ones this Christmas season. ~Mrs. D.

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