Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Christmas Giving for our Son

Yep. That is a goat with a Santa hat. The ornament was gifted to us on behalf
of a goat donation made in our name. (A friend of ours made the ornament.)

The first reminder of the very busy (and swiftly approaching) holiday season came in the mail last week...
the Samaritan's Purse catalog!*
We first found this catalog helpful a few years ago when we could not decide what to get certain people for Christmas. For example, what do you buy for people who have everything they need and want? What's more, how can you share a little bit of the gospel with your Christmas gifting?

That being said, we want our boy to have a giving spirit at Christmas, remembering to give because God gave us His Only Son. Thus, there are a few ways we hope to incorporate giving into Little Man's Christmases.

1. Operation Christmas Child
Red Beard and I have enjoyed sending boxes in years past, and finding out what country your box has been sent to makes it even more fun! 2 years ago, our box ended up in Zambia so I made an ornament with both a map of Zambia and the year we sent the box. Here is how we plan to tackle Operation Christmas Child with our son...

  • Create a shoebox for a child that is the same age and gender of our child.
  • Have our son help us pick out the things that go in the box.
  • Pray, as a family, over the box. Pray that God would use the box to bring the recipient into His family.
  • After finding out where the box ends up, make an ornament for next year's tree. When our son is old enough, maybe we can even make a country study of the destination country during the spring semester of school. (Just throwing that idea out there!)

2. Missionary Friends of Ours
Red Beard and I have both gone on missions trips and we both have friends that are currently on the mission field. We plan to, in some way, support at least one of them each year--be it financially or materially (and maybe just prayerfully).

3. Local Opportunities
It's also important to remember the needs we have on our own mission field at home. If we have neighbors struggling to put food on the table, for example, maybe we could buy them a gift card to Walmart. If nothing else, though, we plan to pray as a family for our unsaved friends and family (throughout the year).

I hope everyone else's holiday plans are shaping up nicely! We have an upcoming cleaning/ organizing weekend planned. We're going to be borrowing my grandparents' rug cleaning monstrosity  to clean our carpets since Little Man is about ready for full time floor play.

Until Next Time,
Mrs. D.
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*This is NOT a sponsored post. 

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