Friday, January 31, 2014

Laundry Day Notions

There are many obvious disadvantages for dependents of the laundromat, such as

  • the inconvenience of leaving your home, 
  • the frustration of not being able to wear your favorite shirt more than once between visits (assuming you prefer to wear things when they are clean), 
  • and the inevitable mound of clothes to fold at the end of your trip. 

Aside from these less-than-appealing attributes, the laundromat is, among other things, a great equalizer of attire.

It does not matter if it's a queen-sized comforter or a preemie-sized shirt; it does not matter if it's made by Valentino or White Stag; it does not matter if it's been recently purchased and is in pristine condition or if it's 30 years old with puke on it. The actual cost of washing a garment clean at the laundromat is exactly the same.

Now, the garments themselves--if they had minds, of course--may take issue with this. It may be harder, for example, for the designer-wear item to accept that it must be washed in the same manner as the lowly, out-of-fashion puke pants. The queen-sized comforter, who is comparatively gargantuan in size, may take offense that it is to be cleaned in the same manner as the puny preemie tee. But the method in which apparel is to be washed is not up to the garment itself since it cannot wash itself clean.

In the same way, the cost of human redemption--purging our hearts and minds of sin--is a great equalizer. The fashion in which we are to be washed not up to us since we cannot wash ourselves of sin. There is only one way to be washed, and that way is through the sacrifice made by Christ on the cross. It does not matter how rich, poor, powerful, or pathetic we are, we must all be washed through Him.

Robert E. Lee once summed up this reality in a single phrase: "The ground is level at the foot of the cross." Any earthly circumstances, such as wealth, education, skin color, or physical attributes, do not matter in the case of redemption. The fact remains that anyone can be washed clean through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

So, my question for you to consider is this:

Have you been washed in the blood of Christ?