Sunday, February 2, 2014

For My Dearest Friend--

Father wounds are the deepest kind.
They affect our view of the Father Divine.
And lies.
None of these describe God.
But when modeled for children
These attributes become part of what kids think
Should define a man.

It is said sons become their dad
And daughters marry him in another man.
This should give us pause as we pass
Into adulthood.
"Was my father like God?
Did he provide for us—
Protection, food, affection?
Was he willing to die to himself for us?
Did he correct us with love?
Every parent makes mistakes,
But do they purpose to make it right with us?"

If what you see in the photo album of your mind
Does not mirror a man of this kind
Pray for God to change him
And realize it’s not God’s design
For you to follow or to wed yourself
To his path of death and darkness.