Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Parenting Note: The First Few Weeks

Almost 6 weeks ago now (has it really been that long?!), we finally got to meet our son in person. 31 hours after my water broke, his tiny flailing body (complete with wide-open eyes and a crying mouth) was placed into my arms.

And it was SO worth every minute of pain, uncertainty, and downright deliriousness (primarily from a lack of sleep and food) for that one incredible moment.

The amazing moments with our son continue each day, too. From the first time he held up his head to the way he now follows me across the room with his eyes and turns his head to talk to me. What a precious, wonderful (AMAZING, AWESOME, ASTOUNDING, OUTSTANDING etc.) gift from Above.

If nothing else, please allow me to say that if you are married and able to have kids, you should. Period. There is nothing like it in this whole world.

Sure, my home is no longer spotless (if it ever really was) and my body may never be quite the same (kangaroo pouch, I'm looking at you!). Even as I started typing this post today, I noticed poop on my sleeve from this morning's diaper blow out.

Whatever! It's only a little poop...

These trivial frustrations dissolve when compared to the enormity of this tiny person's physical and spiritual care being placed in our charge.

Truly, a learning curve exists when it comes to having your first kid (nursing, diapers, schedules, etc.). But what has become more evident to me in the last week or so (as the initial fog has worn off) are the amazing spiritual pictures God paints for us through parenting.

As I have the time, I hope to share some of what He's shown me through my new role as a mom. For now, though, I hope you are all well and enjoying your summer. We are enjoying it here at The Shore.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
<3 Mrs. D.

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