Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ding, dong! Christmas Bells are Ringing!

We have made it to December. I can't believe it.

We have so many big decisions to make and so many bridges to cross this Christmas season (like having my wisdom teeth out tomorrow) that I have selfishly spent too much time fretting over everything that could go wrong (like not having enough milk pumped for Little Man while my mom cares for him post-surgery) and not nearly any time appreciating the many blessings God has given me.

Enter our improvised advent calendar.

I envisioned great ideas for this thing, but sadly, in the mayhem of our current existence, I have run out of steam and time.

Rather than sulking about the lack of creativity or keeping the calendar tucked away until next Christmas, I decided to employ a simpler strategy: Write a quick love/ appreciation note to my loving and over-worked husband every day from December 1-25. (So far, I have not heard any complaints!)

I have not written them all in advance (although you could do it that way); rather, I am trying to purposefully show my gratitude (and affections) throughout the zaniness of December. In other words, I want that guy to know that I love him no matter what. ;)

This Christmas season is going by quickly, y'all. Don't forget to spend time appreciating the folks around you!

Love, Mrs. D.

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Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

Hi Rachel just dropping by to see how you and your new little one are doing.
Have a Blessed and happy new year.