Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Liquid Christmas

So I had my wisdom teeth plowed out a few weeks ago, and I have been on a liquid only diet ever since (a fractured jaw for Christmas sure is festive).

I thought it might prove helpful to share how I am tackling this new diet in a fairly healthy and mostly dairy free way, with a sweet-but-clingy baby and a husband working 6-12 hour days a week. During Christmas. Oh boy!

I have tried different things, but many of them proved unrealistic in the long run (due to time, money, or lack of nutritional value for this nursing mama).

In case you ever get stuck in a similar situation here is what I typically eat these days...

Brekky: drinkable overnight oats with chia seeds and bananas (maybe I will post a recipe soon)

Mid-morning: V-8 "healthy greens" or "purple power" / pear-carrot sauce / chocolate plant milk, plus tea if there is time

Lunch: leftover soup

Mid-afternoon: same options as mid-morning, plus fenugreek tea

Dinner: some kind of puréed veggie soup or an occasional green smoothie with ground granola

If I get carried away, I will have to post some of my soup recipes for you. I use steamable vegetables from the freezer aisle mostly, since I have to also make Red Beard's chewable dinner and heat up Little Man's homemade baby food (which all has to be replaced, btw, after our freezer decided to thaw itself the other night).

I have a go-to mashed potato and white bean soup that I have been making when we eat at my mom's. Yum! Plus we made an Oriental veggie soup the other night to help lend me some flavor variety.

Anyway, I hope you are able to chew your way through the holidays.

Mrs. D.

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