Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Life We are Building (Trusting in the Big Stuff)

It is not a secret, so I don't know why I haven't shared this with you--perhaps I thought that sharing it might make it become untrue (how dumb is that?).

Red Beard and I are house hunting.

We are actually praying about the pursuit of one property in particular. It has been a long deliberation, or so it seems, because buying a house is a monumental task.

It seems simple enough if you've never purchased a house. Find the area you like, pick a house and boom! you move in. Right?

Riiiiight. Anyway...

One of our most important considerations, of course, is our son. How do we want to raise him? And more importantly, how does God want us to raise him (and what location would provide the best possibility of raising him that way)?

Big questions. Big decisions that have really required me to inwardly reflect on what is at stake. I have had to confront some personal habits and assertions, which has not been pleasant. And I've had to pray about my attitude towards submitting to Red Beard's discernment.

Some locations we can afford would allow too much worldly influence. And though they may look good on paper, they would not be the best places to live.

The one we're currently considering will mean a great deal of work (because it is countrified, y'all), and in many ways that fact has caused me to shrink back in fear. Could we really handle such a challenge? And is the challenge worthy of our attention?

I read an excellent post on Modest Mom this morning that, in a weird way, served as a reminder to me about the why of what we are pursuing. Here is a link to the post: "What's At Stake For Your Children in 2016?"

I know that Little Man isn't even a year old, but the way we parent him now and even where we choose to raise him in the future needs to be prayerfully considered. We will not get this precious time back with him.

At any rate, we would appreciate your prayers as we make this decision.

I hope you are having a good start to the new year.

Love, Mrs. D.

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